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North Cyprus

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WHO are we ? ... WHAT do we do ? ... WHY are we different ?

Eminence Quality Management Consulting Ltd is a professional association that leads and champions Quality Management and Organizational Excellence for Education (Schools K-12 & Vocational, Higher Education, Continuing Education), Research, Healthcare, Industry, Small and Large Businesses, and Civil Service.

Eminence offers courses / workshops/ e-learning/ training for trainer T4T and consulting to its clients, be they Quality Professionals, Trainee Quality Professionals, Individuals and Organizations to advance learning, knowledge and expertise exchange for clients’ sustainable achievements.

Eminence introduces quality technologies, quality tools and quality training, facilitates and leads team building and team excellence efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier/workplace relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement, employs knowledge management tools and techniques in resolving organizational challenges; in a nutshell, Eminence helps create quality workplaces and communities.

With its worldwide relationships with renowned organizations, with organizations of comparable vision and objectives, Eminence introduces its clients to world recognized Certifications and services.


Ufuk Taneri

Professor of Mathematics
& Specialized in
Quality Management and

Organizational Excellence



Niyazi Taneri

-Industrial & Systems

-JBS Cambridge UK

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