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North Cyprus

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Welcome to EMINENCE Quality Management Consulting Ltd. website.

As you browse through the website, you’ll find out that Eminence provides a wide range of training and consulting services designed to improve performance and attain distinctive quality.

Eminence’s services vary from classroom training to e-learning, to tailored solutions to any unique situation. Our focus is on effective transfer of knowledge, best practices and success stories, establishment of quality networks in education, higher education, continuing education, research, small and large businesses, industry, healthcare, civil service and last but not least introduction of our clients to global quality community. ‘Courses/workshops/e-learning/training for trainer’ offered are therefore either developed by experts of Eminence or are licensed courses of other internationally renowned organizations such as the ASQ American Society for Quality… ASQ celebrated its 60th Birthday in April 2006; this means inevitable reflection of 60 years of quality, a rich history of quality, 60 years of research and experience in courses offered and other opportunities to which our clients are exposed continually.

It is Eminence’s pleasure to contribute to Quality… This is because Quality is first and foremost a personal ethic that extends to organizations, to community and yes, to the world… On your Quality Journey, Eminence will listen to your needs and bring solutions.

Enjoy your voyage of eminence!