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June 25-27, 2006 “Education Leadership Summit for Superintendents” St Petersburg, Florida US

July 31- Aug 2, 2006 “Quality Institute for Healthcare: Improving Efficiency of Delivery Systems”, Houston, Texas, US

Aug 27-30, 2006 “33rd National Energy & Environmental Conference”, Tucson Arizona US

Sep 18-19, 2006  “15th annual Service Quality conference” Las Vegas, NV US

Oct 19-20, 2006 “15th Annual Quality Audit Conference”, Reno, Nevada, US

Oct 24-26, 2006 “IMS in Support of SOX Compliance” Web-based Event (2nd Annual Sarbanes-Oxley Conference)

Nov 12-14, 2006 “14th National Quality Education Conference” Dallas, Texas, US.

Feb12-13, 2007 “Six Sigma Conference” Phoenix, Arizona, US

Feb 26-27, 2007 “15th Annual International Conference on ISO 9000” Lake Buena Vista, Florida, US

March 1-2,2007 “Essentials for Excellence” 19th Quality Management Conference Dallas, Texas, US

April 15-18, 2007 The Quest for Excellence® Conference XIX, Washington DC US